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Inspirational Ideas

18 Creative Terrace Ideas

Gone are those days when we used to use rooftops and terraces just for washing and drying clothes, drying spices or pickles. Nowadays more importance is being accorded to rooftops and terraces equivalent to living rooms and bedrooms. Today, in urban areas as the cities and towns are turning into concrete jungles a terrace is one of the few open places where you can go to relieve yourself from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life. These spaces provide an added luxury and space with some fresh air and also offer an amazing view (depending upon the location).

Best Plants Which Keep Insects Away

Insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, bed bugs, sandflies and centipedes are some very popular unwanted guest who visits at our home every season. The majority people try to kill or try to remove from home with help of spray different type of chemical repellent in the house to keep them away from the surrounding. But is there any better way..?

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

The article is about the information on indoor plants and the advantages of keeping them This article gives you the brief ideas about the health benefits of indoor plants.

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