Mumbai Development Plan 2034: Inherent Risks in its Formulation and Implementation

January 02,2020

Mumbai Development Plan 2034 - Detailed Insights from insider information. A Planning Committee Perspective. With so much development happening around the city, this plan is going to directly affect the locals and is going to change the standard of living of Mumbaikars.

Maintenance tips for outdoor landscaping

October 30,2019

Hassles Maintaining your outdoors and backyards? Landscaping Maintenance Tips And Ideas For Making Your Outdoors Look Always Clean and Neat. This article will cover the important aspects of outdoor landscapes and your backyards.

15 common mistakes in the house

October 28,2019

It does not matter how many hours you may long and spend on different social networking sites or even in Pinterest, you may still tend to ignore the basics sometimes and end up making some mistakes. Everyone likes to live in a house which is clean and clutter free and something which wins the admira...

20 Amazing Lighting Ideas This Diwali 2019

October 25,2019

Looking out for lighting decor this diwali , look no further, Best lighting ideas to use at homes and offices this diwali. Amazing and easy diwali ideas to use

Kirti Nagar Market New Delhi

October 18,2019

Kirti Nagar is Asia’s largest furniture market with over 500 furniture wholesalers and retailers, interior design boutiques, kitchen and bathroom brands, and traditional furniture makers.

Different types of elevators to be used in bungalows and villas

October 18,2019

Find out the elevators to be used in bungalows and villas. Differences and features covered. Architectural point of view

Foldable Furniture Ideas and Use Cases

October 18,2019

Various furniture that can be effortlessly used in small spaces. Use cases of foldable furniture

New trends in home security systems in 2019

October 18,2019

The article gives you the trending ways to secure your home. It gives knowledge about home security through different apps how we can control different appliances, control security through cameras drone uses and many more.

Wall paints according to room sizes and types

October 18,2019

Confusion in choosing the right colors for matching your interiors? This is an ultimate guide to help you make the right choice. Colors play a major role, wise choices can make your home look neat, beautiful and elegant. Read Now!

16 ways to make your office space look more lively

October 18,2019

The atmosphere of the office goes a long way in contributing to the growth and the productivity of the business. It is also proven that the more fun you have in your office the more productive your business is. So, if you are spending the majority of your time in the office then why not decorate it ...