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10 easy implementations of rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting is something that can be implemented by any person who already has a house or is building a new house. You can adopt the measures by yourself or take the help of your plumber to install the system. So, what exactly is rainwater harvesting? As the name suggests it is the collection of the water during the monsoon and then using this water for various purposes like washing, cleaning or even drinking purposes. This water is collected directly from the surface on which the water falls. There can be many different surfaces or areas for collecting the water such as a terrace or courtyard of a building, or an unpaved area like a lawn or open ground. To store the rainwater a small channel is created which connects the rainwater from the rooftop to the storage tank. Whenever the rainwater is collected it is important to keep it clean and hygienic so that it is clean and safe to use. There are many choices available with which you can choose to store the rainwater. The most common is the down-pipe flap. With this flap, it is possible to direct the first flush of water flow through the down-pipe, while later rainfall is diverted into a storage tank. The filter is used to remove suspended pollutants from rainwater collected over the roof.

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